Blue Mound Memorial Library

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Blue Mound Memorial Library

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

January 23, 2017


Amy Brown, Treasurer

Seth Gault, Secretary

Kathy Brownlee

Sally Hamon

Dani Noland, President

Ann Byard, Vice President

Diana Kupish

Julie Jones, Library Director

Alice Reed, Staff

   Meeting called to order by President Dani at 6:00 P.M.

   The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance

   Secretary Seth read minutes of the last meeting. Motion to accept by Amy, second by Ann, motion approved.

   Treasurer’s report. Amy distributed the Treasurer’s report and asked for discussion. President Dani asked for a review of bills. Kathy moved to pay bills, second by Sally, motion carried. Bills were directed to be paid.

   Librarian reports presented by Julie. Her report includes 2 months numbers and should be divided by 2 to be comparable with the balance of the year reports. Memorial donation was received in Memory of Dale McLaughlin. Total deposit for 2 months was $543.93.

   Most Circulation Statistics were improved over the previous periods. Upcoming events at the Library were Bookworm month of February, Story Time February 8 through March 29, Goodie Walk Feb 11 from 9 - 12 and Lego Club February 18.

   Upcoming Meetings are Catalog training was Jan 17, Free Form Jan 27 and Small Pubs Feb 10. Julie reported a very busy February due to vacations and learning time. The hot water heater failed and was replaced. It was very old and was due for retirement. Julie worked on updating the web site and will check on Library on the Go training.

  Old business. Dani reported that she prepared a spreadsheet on the building keys. All but one have been accounted for and she knows where that one is.

  New business. Dani asked for Board consideration and adoption of Resolution 1 covering Library travel expense. Sally moved to adopt, Kathy second, motion carried. Resolution 1 will be included in the Library's Policy Manuel. Motion to replace the hot water heater by Ann, second by Kathy, motion carried.

  Dani reported on a call she received from a Patron asking for a 4H type project for her daughters. After discussion, it was decided to offer her the job of planting flowers in the front planter box. Library Staff are to continue watering and other grooming.

  Statements of Economic Interest were handed out. Alice reported that Election materials have been delivered to the respective counties.

Motion to adjourn by Kathy, second by Ami, motion carried. Meeting adjourned 6:20 P.M.


Seth Gault, Secretary


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