Blue Mound Memorial Library

July 2017 Meeting Minutes


Anne Byard, President

Kathy Brownlee, Vice President

Diana Kupish, Secretary

Matt Dilbeck, Trustee

Julie Jones, Library Director


The meeting was called to order by President Anne Byard at 6:00 P.M.


The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


Secretary Report:  Diana Kupish read minutes of the June 26, 2017 meeting.  Kathy Brownlee requested clarification regarding the Fire Exit and Disaster Drill Signs.  Julie showed the framed signs received and displayed in the Annex.  A notation was made in the minutes for clarification.  Kathy Brownlee moved to approve the minutes and Matt Dilbeck seconded the motion. The motion was carried.


Treasurer’s report: Anne Byard pointed out two accounts with negative balances:  Walk of Remembrance fund and Building and Equipment account.  Anne suggested $1,000 be transferred from the Special MMDA Reserve account to Walk of Remembrance.  Matt Dilbeck moved to transfer the funds suggested and Kathy Brownlee seconded the motion.  Anne also suggested a transfer from the Corporate Fund to the Building and Equipment account to cover that negative balance of $1445.47.   Kathy Brownlee moved to transfer $1445.47 from Corp Fund to the Bldg & Equipment account.  Matt Dilbeck seconded.  Motion carried. 


Budget Hearing is set for August 28th at 6:00 p.m.


 Librarian report: presented by Julie Jones. 


Old Business:


  • Contact was attempted for Jack Trimble regarding his proposal for new Exit signs with LED lights. Awaiting his response. 


  • Discussion about tree removal/replacement with Dani must be tabled until the August meeting due to Dani’s absence. 


  • Wasp problem seems to have been resolved by Sandy Anderson spraying WD40 in the wasp holes.


New Business:


  • Minutes from the past 12 months were reviewed by Kathy Brownlee and Dani Noland.  Both attested to the review with their signatures.


  • Jerry Reichert said he is only mowing weeds. Will discuss further in August.


  • State packets on display rack are not being used presumably due to online availablility of the most current information.  Therefore, the packets will not be updated and the rack is no longer needed.  The rack was a memorial from the Robinson family.    Matt Dilbeck made a motion for someone to contact the family to ask if the placque from the rack can be replaced with a brick on the Walk of Remembrance.  Kathy Brownlee seconded the motion.  Anne agreed to contact the family.


  • An article about the Walk of Remembrance is planned for the Blue Mound Leader to remind patrons and citizens that the bricks need not be solely as a memorial for the deceased.  It would be a lasting tribute for an organization, family, or event. The $100 fee includes the brick’s engraving, placement, and future maintenance.  There have been no new bricks purchased in the past 12 months. 


  • Concern was expressed regarding a woman who has been loitering quite often between the lodge building and the library.  Trash (cigarette butts, fast food containers, and wrappers) has been found littering the area and is regularly picked up by employees and patrons.  Although, the individual’s presence may not be illegal, concern was expressed that her loitering may be an indication of a possible homeless situation.  It was suggested that Librarian call the non-emergency number to have someone check on the woman to see if further assistance is required.     


  • The library received $1485 in memorial donations for Jim Damery.  His daughter, Debra Kraft, indicated her father would like the money to go toward improving the children’s section of the library.  A committee was appointed consisting of Matt Dilbeck, Kathy Brownlee, Dani Noland, and Julie Jones to research and discuss the possibilities.


  • The Memorial Book is getting full and a new book is on order. 


  • Summer Reading Program was discussed.  There was a total cost of $1719.72. Donations covered $1365 and $354.74 came out of the general funds.   Solicitation for Summer Reading 2018 will begin in March. 


Other: Anne cut out the Budget Notice for the library from the BM Leader.


Personnel:  Alice will be notified of the payroll changes.


Motion to adjourn:  Kathy Brownlee moved to adjourn the meeting; Matt Dilbeck seconded; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 6:59 P.M.


Diana Kupish, Secretary


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