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Blue Mound Memorial Library

April 6th 2023 Special Meeting


Anne Byard, President

Diana Kupish, Secretary

Dani Noland, Trustee

Julie Chapman, Trustee

Sharon Reynolds, Trustee

Alice Reed, Consultant

Julie Jones, Librarian


Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 5:00 p.m., the Blue Mound Memorial Library Board of Trustees met in the annex of the Library for a Special Meeting to discuss the next step to take regarding the roof damage and replacing the storm door to the Annex.  The Blue Mound Memorial Library President, Anne Byard, called to order the Board of Trustees meeting for Special Meeting of April 6, 2023.


The Board did not recite the Pledge of Allegiance in order to expedite the meeting.    

Old Business: 

  • Roof replacement was discussed having a bid of $23,114 from Trimble Construction to replace the front section of the Library (excluding the Annex portion reroofed in 2019). If just the damaged side is replaced the cost would be roughly half of the proposal.  Alice Reed indicated the MMDA funds are available to pay for the roof replacement.  However, since the roof has recently been damaged due to high winds, she suggested that insurance might cover some of the cost.    Dani Noland asked for the Library to speak to Trimble Construction regarding the leak under the eaves that happens each time wind drives the rain.  Anne will call Doug Likes to discuss a possible claim.

Sharon Reynolds made a motion to accept the Trimble Construction bid of $23, 114 to replace the front half of the Library roof with a metal roof after checking with Doug Likes of Like Insurance regarding a claim of wind damage to the roof and the proceeds be applied towards the roof’s replacement and the remainder of the cost to come from the MMDA.  Amy Brown seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all ‘Aye’ votes. 


  • The Storm Door to the Annex is more expensive than expected. The two storm door options presented by Trimble Construction are roughly $200 apart.  The cheaper door at $576.67 ($175 of which is installation) has a split top window/screen.  The more expensive door at $$762 ($175 of which is installation) has the full top half window/screen. The specifications state the doors include two plungers and handles. 

After some discussion, Sharon Reynolds made a motion to accept the bid of $$761.80 for the door with the larger window/screen area which will allow more air flow and taking the funds for the door from Supplies.  Julie Chapman seconded the motion.  The motion carried with a majority of ‘Aye’ votes.   It was recommended that the door be completed before June 30th to be in this fiscal year’s budget. 


  • Table replacing the leaky window for now. It was estimated to cost $1800.  The Library could try caulking and heavy duty curtains to block the winter winds that seem to bypass the window.


  • Alice recommends doing a black border and raise taxes to help replenish the funds being used for these high ticket items (the roof and the storm door). At that time, it should go to the attorney to ensure it is worded correctly.     


Motion to Adjourn was made by Sharon Reynolds.  Amy Brown seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all ‘Aye’ votes.  The meeting adjourned at 5:42 p.m.


The Next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, April 24, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                Diana Kupish, Secretary

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