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Blue Mound Memorial Library

August 2021 Board Meeting Minutes


Anne Byard, President

Nancy Gorden, Vice-President

Diana Kupish, Secretary

Amy Brown, Treasurer

Sharon Reynolds, Trustee

Julie Chapman, Trustee

Dani Noland, Trustee

Alice Reed, Consultant

Julie Jones, Librarian


Monday, August 23, 2021 at 6:00p.m., the Blue Mound Memorial Library Board of Trustees met in accordance with Health Department guidelines, in the annex of the Library with not more than two board members seated at opposite ends of 8’ tables, spaced several feet apart.  The Blue Mound Memorial Library President, Anne Byard, called to order the Board of Trustees meeting for August, 2021.

The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ordinance 21-2 was distributed for review.  Ordinance 21-2 sets forth the budget and makes appropriations of sums of money for all necessary expenditures of the Blue Mound Memorial Public Library District, Macon County, Illinois for Corporate purposes for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2021 and ending June 30, 2022.  There were no questions.  Dani Noland made a motion to accept Ordinance 21-2.  Amy Brown seconded the motion.  In a roll call vote the following members of the Board of Trustees voted affirmatively:  Nancy Gorden, Amy Brown, Dani Noland, Sharon Reynolds, July Chapman, Diana Kupish, and Anne Byard.  The motion carried unanimously. 

Secretary’s Report:  President, Anne Byard verified that each Board member received and reviewed the July 26, 2021 Minutes that had been emailed.  Sharon Reynolds made a motion to accept the Minutes as presented.  Julie Chapman seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all “Aye” votes.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s Report was presented in writing.  With no questions, Julie Chapman made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Sharon Reynolds seconded the motion.  The motions caried with all “Aye” votes.

Librarian’s Report: 

  • The flag pole was brought down by a truck traveling through Blue Mound on Route 48. Further details are under New Business.
  • Illinois Public Library Annual Report (IPLAR) is finished and due for submission on September first.


Library Activities:

  • End of Summer Reading Pool Party was held on Wednesday, July 28th at the Blue Mound Swim Club with 30 children attending. 
  • Blue Mound Fall Festival Parade was on August 14th and the Library had 17 people participating.
  • The Annex was open to the public after the parade to allow visitors the opportunity to view old yearbooks and Fall Festival booklets. Only four visitors came in.
  • Two children met the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten These children received a nice bundle of goodies including snacks, a book, and book marks.


Upcoming Programs:

  • Book Club will meet on September 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Library Annex. Lindsey Sheppard is organizing the group for the coming year.  
  • Storytime is being planned for the fall. The Library will take their lead from the school.
  • Lego Club will proceed with containers for each child to minimize passing on germs.  

Old Business:  None


New Business:   

  • The Flag Pole was pulled down as a result of a truck traveling on Route 48 through Blue Mound and getting caught on the BM Fall Festival banner stretched across Route 48 from a power pole to the flag pole. Since the Village employees put the banner up attaching it to the Library flag pole, the Village President, Scott Younger, accepted responsibility for its replacement. Anne Byard contacted Likes Insurance to determine the Library’s coverage and the approximate cost of replacement.  Accordingly, a written statement indicated the value of the flag pole as $3701.  After some research, it was discovered the original pole, donated as a memorial for Gilbert Hopi, had a cost of $2500.  Alice said she would research places the Library could contact to do the job of replacing the flag pole in anticipation of the Village covering the cost. 


Other:  None

Personnel:  None

Motion to Adjourn:  With no further business to discuss, Amy Brown made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dani Noland seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all “Aye” votes.  The meeting adjourned at 6:21 p.m.

The Next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, September 27, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                Diana Kupish, Secretary

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