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Blue Mound Memorial Library

May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


Anne Byard, President

Nancy Gorden, Vice President

Diana Kupish, Secretary

Amy Brown, Treasurer

Julie Chapman, Trustee

Julie Jones, Librarian

Alice Reed, Consultant


Monday, May 22, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., the Blue Mound Memorial Library Board of Trustees met in the annex of the Library.  The Blue Mound Memorial Library President, Anne Byard, called to order the Board of Trustees meeting for May, 2023.


The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Secretary’s Report: President, Anne Byard verified that each Board member had time to review the Minutes from April 24, 2023.   Amy Brown made a motion to accept the Minutes as presented.  Julie Chapman seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all “Aye” votes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Accounts are close and transfers will need to be made.  Nancy Gorden made a motion to accept the Treasurers Report.  Amy Brown seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all ‘Aye’ votes. 

Librarian’s Report: 

  • North side of the Library (between Library and P & G) was cleaned up by Alice & Jeff Reed. Then Nancy Gorden cleaned it further and found some concrete under the rubble.  Now it looks really good.  Thanks to all of them.   
  • Danaysha’s last day volunteering was today, May 22nd.
  • Motion Light on south side of building is on again, but doesn’t turn off. The ‘motion detection’ portion doesn’t work probably due to the proximity between the buildings.  Nevertheless, there is light again between the Masonic Lodge and the Library. 
  • Light on the other side of the building would be helpful. There are four poles on the front side of the Library and three of them have lights.   Diana asked the Village President, Scott Younger, if another light could be added to the pole located near that spot.  He said he will check into it.
  • New Storm Door into the Annex has been installed.
  • If anyone has anytime on their hands, the Library could use some help weeding around the memorial garden.


Library Activities:

  • Book Club met on Thursday, May 18th to discuss the book The Book Woman From Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele.  There were 10 in attendance for the discussion.  (Jeanie Barnes will be taking over organizing the Book Club).
  • The Snake Show was scheduled for May 11th but had to be cancelled due to several of the snakes shedding making their skin too sensitive to be handled. The program will be rescheduled.    

Upcoming Programs:

  • Book Club will be meeting on Thursday, June 15th to discuss ‘The Kitchen Front’ by Jennifer Ryan. The group will choose recipes from the book (probably substituting whale meat for something more accessible around here) and they will have a potluck at the June meeting. 
  • Summer Reading:
    • This year’s theme is “Find Your Voice” with registration on June 5-9.
    • Each Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.
      • June 14th - “Bee” a Pollinator Pal” presented by 4-H
      • June 21st - K-9 Handler
      • June 28th – Softball Game and Kona Ice (School’s camp is the same week, so attendance for our softball game may be low.)
    • Ladies Night – June 8th 6 p.m. Next of Kiln


Old Business: 

  • Motion Light: Board agrees to leave the motion light on all the time which is better than having no light at all.


New Business:  

  • Election of New Officers:

After some discussions Anne nominated Nancy Gorden for the position of president;

Nancy Gorden nominated Julie Chapman for vice-president; Amy Brown agreed to remain as treasurer and Diana Kupish agreed to remain as the secretary. 

  • Nancy Gorden made a motion to accept the nominations of: Nancy Gorden as president, Julie Chapman as vice-president, Amy Brown as treasurer, and Diana Kupish as secretary to take effect at the next Board meeting on June 26, 2023. Amy Brown seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all ‘Aye’ votes. 
  • Pass .02 Ordinance
    • Amy Brown made a motion to accept the Ordinance 2023-1 to Resolve that an additional tax of .02% of the value of all taxable property in the Blue Mound Memorial Public Library District as equalized or assessed by the Department of Revenue be levied for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2023 by the Library’s corporate authority for the construction of buildings, provisions of sites, for maintenance, repairs and alterations of the library building and equipment as authorized by Illinois Compiled Statutes, ch 75, par 5/3-4. Julie Chapman seconded the motion.  In a roll call vote the following voted to accept the Ordinance:  Nancy Gorden, Amy Brown, Julie Chapman, and Diana Kupish.  (Sharon Reynolds and Dani Noland are absent.)  The motion carried.
  • Appoint Budget Committee

Nancy Gorden, Amy Brown, Julie Jones and Alice Reed agreed to be on the Budget Committee.  Dani Noland was appointed to be on the committee as well.  They will meet about 8:30 a.m. (before the Library opens) on Tuesday, June 13th .



  • Adopt the Non-Resident Fee Method

After some discussion, Nancy Gorden made a motion to charge a non-resident fee equal to Tax Bill percentage method.  Julie Chapman seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all ‘Aye’ votes. 


Other:  None


Personnel:  None


Motion to Adjourn:  With no further business to discuss, Amy Brown made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Nancy Gorden seconded the motion.  The motion carried with all “Aye” votes.  The meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.


The Next Regular Board Meeting will be Monday, June 26, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.                                                                                                                                                                                        Diana Kupish, Secretary

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