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Blue Mound Memorial Library

Walk of Remembrance

 Blue Mound Memorial Library

Walk of Remembrance

The Blue Mound Memorial Library has created “A Walk of Remembrance” on the west side of the library adjacent to Rt. 48.  The Walk of Remembrance is an area where people can remember and honor their loved ones.  The walk is made with black granite bricks that have been etched with names of family and loved ones, friends of the library, veterans, teachers, businesses and others that are being honored or remembered.    The bricks can be purchased for $100 to honor a special couples anniversary, the birth of a new child, or to remember a special loved who has passed away.  Whatever the occasion might be, a brick would be a great way to remember or honor someone.  The “Walk of Remembrance” area is decorated with flowers and includes benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the area. 

If you would be interested in purchasing a brick, please fill out the following form, as you would like it to be engraved.  Most symbols and pictures can be engraved on the bricks.  Normally four lines of words or symbols can be printed on a brick, but more lines can be printed in a smaller font.  After you have printed the information, as you would like for it to read, please proofread it for any errors. 

Please list a contact name, address, and phone number so we can call you if we have any questions.  We will contact you once the brick has been engraved and placed in the memorial walk.  We try to send in the orders every three months.  Feel free to ask us for a time estimate on your order.


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